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Geology of Central Madagascar – Second Expedition

International - Date: July 2017


The second expedition of the fieldwork in Madagascar was a three weeks fieldwork between June and July of 2017. The target of this expedition was to see the relationship between the units/groups/domains of the southern of the island. The main target was the geology of the region of the town of Ikalamavony, westwards of the city of Fianarantsoa. The team was composed by DSc Renata da Silva Schmitt (IGCP-628 coordinator), Raisa Lopes Costa (masters student in geology from Federal University of Rio de Janeiro), Sheree Armistead (Australian and PhD student from University of Adelaide) and August Razafinjoelina (friendly driver and guide from Madagascar).

During this trip, we cross the country from the capital Antananarivo, to the southwest, getting to Ranorira and Ilakaka (one of Earth’s largest known alluvial sapphire deposits), near the Isalo National Park and inside the Morondava Basin – a basin that represents the beginning of Gondwana break-up.

In addition, the contact with Malagasy people was improved as the group stayed for a week in Ikalamavony town with the locals.


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