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Geology Of Paso Del Dragon Region – Northern Uruguay

International - Date: 25th July – 10th August/2015

The Cuchilla Dionísio Terrane, in which is included the region of Paso del Dragón, is of great importance in the understanding of the correlation between the African and South American continents. This tectonic block was part of the Kalahari craton (South Africa), and its separation from it, and subsequent collision with the Rio de la Plata Craton (South America), have been subject of several studies for decades.

This sequence is about 40 km long and consists of rocks in low metamorphic grade intensely folded and sheared. It is constituted by the intercalation of meta-volcano-sedimentary and meta-ultramafic units whose genesis is still complex and poorly studied.

This work’s objective is to contribute to a better understanding of the tectonic and depositional environments of the metasedimentary rocks present in the Paso Del Dragón Complex, mainly through the individualization of the units that compose it and deformational events that affected it. Thus, it seeks to support the comprehension of the geological history of the Cuchilla Dionísio Terrane as a whole and, consequently, a small portion of Western Gondwana.

The fieldwork was conducted in the region by the undergraduate student Macarena Roca (UFRJ) and had the help of several Uruguayan researchers from Universidad de La República (UdelaR): Claudio Gaucher, Gonzalo Blanco, Jorge Bossi, Leticia Chiglino and Sebastian Marmol.