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The Gondwana Memory Center (GMC), at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), will have a permanent exhibition of specimens from all Gondwana parts, fossils, rocks and minerals. The Geoscience Institute from UFRJ has already a Geodiversity Museum with an amazing collection of Brazilian geological material. The idea is to create a space with Gondwana specimens from regions that are now apart. But this is not the only segment of this massive memory. The Gondwana Memory will be also registered in our digital and analog geological database that has been built in the last years. This geo database will be stored virtually and physically in the Gondwana Lab at UFRJ.

  • This is a sketch of the Gondwanides Orogen draw by Alex L. du Toit in 1937, a South African geologist that wrote the book A Geological Comparison of South America with South Africa (1927) (Courtesy of Maarten De Wit).
  • This is the field notebook of Alex L. du Toit with drawings and observations from the Sierra de La Ventana Mountain in Argentina. This evidence largely supported the correlation between South America and South Africa that he proposed on his book (Courtesy of Maarten De Wit).
  • The Geodiversity Museum of UFRJ is equipped with a vast collection of Brazilian specimens of rocks, minerals and fossils. Note the amazing sample of Amethyst from southern Brazil collected in the Serra Geral Formation, the widespread magmatic province that formed shortly prior to the initiation of the South Atlantic crust. In the African continent is recorded especially in Namibia as the Ethendeka volcanics.