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  • 49th Brazilian Congress of Geology

    Date: August/2018

    Between august 20th and 24th the city of Rio de Janeiro held the 49th Brazilian Congress of Geology, the largest Geosciences event in Latin America. Throughout five days, scientific researches developed on national territory or abroad were exposed on talks and posters. The final draft of the Geological Map of Gondwana was exposed during the whole event.

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  • Inauguration of the Exhibition

    Date: 20 of february 2018

    Come to the opening of the exhibition “Gondwana: The Earth in Motion”! The space is part of the Gondwana Memory Centre and was created to stimulate reflection on the research and scientific knowledge generated on the subject of Gondwana from the IGCP-628 project.



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  • MSc. Defense Presentataion about Placa Sul-Americana, Brazil

    Date: 09th October/2017

    The MSc. Thesis in Geology of the Post-Graduation Program of the Federal University o Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) entitled “Subdivisão da porção continental da Placa Sul-Americana: um modelo baseado em geologia” was defended by Gondwana Project geologist Pâmela Richetti. The MSc. Student was advised by Dr. Renata Schmitt (UFRJ) and Dr. Colin Reeves. The examining board was composed by Dr. Cláudio Limeira Mello (UFRJ), Dr. João Marinho de Morais Neto (Petrobrás) and Dr. Mário Neto Cavalcante de Araújo (Petrobrás).

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  • Defense of Doctoral Thesis on Damaraland, Namibia

    Date: 08 December 2016

    The doctoral thesis on Geology entitled “Neoproterozoic Successions of the Damara Supegroup in northwest Namibia: Stratigraphy, Paleoenvironments and Provenance” was defended, with honor, in the Department of Geology of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) by Débora Barros Nascimento, Researcher of the Gondwana Project. Prof. Renata Schmitt (UFRJ) and Prof. André Ribeiro (UFRJ) were the advisors. The examining board was composed by professors José Carlos Sícoli Seoane (UFRJ), Renato Rodriguez Cabral Ramos (National Museum – UFRJ), Monica da Costa Pereira Lavalle Heilbron (UERJ), Adriano Roessler Viana (PETROBRAS) and Elton Luiz Dantas (UnB). More information about this work, it is available on our site, in the tab Field Works.

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  • Defense of Bachelor Thesis on Reconstruction of the conjugated segment Campos-Kwanza

    Date: 20 of September of 2016

    The bachelor thesis entitled “RECONSTRUCTION OF THE CONJUGATED MARGINS BRAZIL-AFRICA (CAMPOS-KWANZA SEGMENT) DURING THE 130-111 Ma INTERVAL – FROM GEOLOGICAL AND MAGNETOMETRY DATA” was defended at the Geology Department – UFRJ by Melissa Meirelles Pereira, researcher from the Gondwana project. Prof. Renata Schmitt (UFRJ) and Prof. Natasha Stanton (State University of Rio de Janeiro – UERJ). The committee was also composed by Prof Marco Antônio Braga (UFRJ) and the geologist Marco Antônio Thoaldo Romeiro (Petrobrás).

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  • Younger "Gondwanos"

    Date: 13/09/2016

    Our fellows PIBIC-EM Laura Correa Machareth and Luis Eduardo Ortega from the UFRJ College Application (Capes-UFRJ) will integrate the Gondwana team, from this month on. The integration of high school students to the project aims to strengthen the process of dissemination of information and scientific and basic technological knowledge, and also develop attitudes, skills and values necessary for scientific and technological education of the students.

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  • MSc. Defense Presentataion about Cabo Frio, Brazil

    Date: July 31, 2016

    The MSc. thesis in Geology of the Post Graduation Program of UFRJ entitled “Análise estrutural e cronologia das estruturas de natureza rúptil do embasamento cristalino na margem continental do SE brasileiro relacionadas a zonas de transferência e acomodação do sin-rifte da Bacia de Campos-RJ.” was defended by the geologist from Petrobras Vitor Lamy Mesiano Savastano. The MSc. student was advised the Dr. Renata Schmitt (UFRJ) and Mario Neto Araújo, PhD (Petrobras). The examining board was composed by Rudolph Trouw, PhD (UFRJ), Dr. Marcos Fetter and Dr. Ana Paula Pelosi.

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  • Deffence of Bachelor Thesis on Ikalamavony, Madagascar

    Date: 22nd of July of 2016

    The bachelor thesis entitled “Geological characterization and U-Pb data interpretation of zircon grains from metasedimentary rocks of Central Madagascar” was defended at the Geology Department of Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) by Raisa Lopes Costa, researcher from the Gondwana Project. The student was supervised by Prof Renata Schmitt (UFRJ-Brazil) and Prof. Alan Collins (University of Adelaide-Australia). The committee was also composed by Prof. Alexis Rosa Nummer (UFRRJ) and Ciro Alexandre Ávila (Nacional Museum – UFRJ). More information about this project on our website, page Field Trips.

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  • Notice in Museology professional contract:

    Date: 01/05/2016

    Seeking the development of the Gondwana Memory Center, beginning this month, the project counts on the museologist Jessica Tarine. Her tasks include organizing, preserving and exhibiting the results of the project and its development. IGCP-628 project – Review of the Geological Map of Gondwana: Geology and tectonic evolution, recognizes and emphasizes the importance of multidisciplinary teams, including on its staff the scientific and technical characteristics to explore the collection’s potential, as much as possible.

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  • Deffense of Bachelor Thesis on Lihuel Calel Argentina

    Date: 21 of March 2016

    The bachelor thesis entitled “Geology of Lihuel Calel, La Pampa Province, Argentina” was defended at the Geology Department- UFRJ by Rafael de Araújo Fragoso, researcher from the Gondwana project. Prof. Victor Ramos (UBA – Argentina) and Prof. Renata Schmitt (UFRJ – Brazil) were the supervisors. The Committee was also composed by Prof. Carlos Augusto Sommer (UFRGS – Brazil) and Prof. André Ribeiro (UFRJ – Brazil). More information on our website, page Field Trips.

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  • Visit Of Prof. Rosenbaum From Queensland

    Date: 22nd of January to 11th of February 2016

    Prof. Gideon Rosenbaum (University of Queensland – Australia) visited the Gondwana Lab, where he had stayed for two weeks. During this meeting Rosenbaum reviewed the geological map of Australia, eastern sector, regarding the Phanerozoic orogens. One of the major outcomes from this meeting is the outline of a project to study in detail the Gondwana margin during the Permian and Triassic periods, comparing sedimentary/magmatic and tectonic events from southern South America until Eastern Australia. He also gave a talk on Phanerozoic orogens of Eastern Australia.

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  • Visit Of Prof. Chris Clark From Perth

    Date: 24th to 30th of October 2015

    Prof. Chris Clark (Curtin University – Perth – Australia) stayed one week at the Gondwana Lab in Rio de Janeiro in order to discuss the issues related to metamorphic assemblages and units of the Gondwana Map. He revised also the western part of the Australia geological map. Prof. Clark gave a talk on the “Metamorphic evolution of southern India during Gondwana amalgamation events”. One of the outcomes was the outline of collaboration on a students exchanging program concerning the metamorphic evolution of Brasiliano belts, between Curtin University and UFRJ. Prof. Clark participated in a one-day field trip through the outcrops of Rio de Janeiro city, a Neoproterozoic terrane of the Ribeira Orogen.

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